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Meet Our Ohana

Our Ohana

Maui Waveriders in Kihei is owned by Tom, Alisa and Noa Castleton and in Lahaina by Kyle Juk. Our Kihei location is operated under the management of Monika Redins and Joe Hamman, and in Lahaina under the management of Kyle Juk. We are dedicated to providing each surf student with a fun, safe and unforgettable experience. We adapt our style of teaching to the ability of each student.All instructors are CPR and First Aid trained. All of our instructors are surfers! They are experts at catching waves and love helping people learn how to surf in Hawaii!

Tom Castleton


With Over thirty five years of surfing experience, Tom has personally taught thousands to surf in one easy lesson! Tom and the Ohana have surfed some of the largest waves at Pipeline on the North Shore and have been featured in many surf movies and magazines all around the world.


Kihei Instructor

Alden is originally from Waikiki, Oahu and has been surfing for over 30 years. He loves to teach the sport that originated in Hawaii, to keep the culture alive!


Kihei Instructor

Originally from Samoa, Ina moved to Maui back in 2004. He loves to spend time with his family, and his 3 beautiful kids.
FUN FACT: Ina trained Gerard Butler to surf for his main role in the movie Mavericks.


Kihei Instructor

Sol has been with MWR for many years and has been surfing all of her life! Originally from Mexico, Sol travels the world for great surf.


Kihei Instructor

Ben has been one of our top instructors since the beginning and has taught thousands of students how to surf!! Ben loves spending his days surfing and hanging with his kids!


Kihei Instructor

Ola brings culture into his lessons, teaching Hawaiian history in each of his lessons, showing his surf skills in the process. Ola has taught countless students to surf, imparting Aloha into his lessons.


Kihei Instructor

Born and raised on Maui, Kekoa grew up surfing with the cove Ohana since he was 6. Hawaiian culture is everything to Kekoa and he is always ready to share his passion for the history.


Kihei Instructor

Mack Crilly is a born and raised Maui boy who grew up surfing and stand-up bodyboarding. Mack Participates in surfing and bodyboard competitions in off seasons and has won many championships!


Kihei Instructor

Kazuma is always on the go traveling the world for new waves! He is one of our dedicated surf instructors and Surf Safari guides. Kazuma pushes the limits of surfing, and he brings that passion to his surf lessons!


Lahaina Instructor

Originally from Kailua and Waimanalo on Oahu, Renten surfed for 7 years as a teen and took the sport back up at the young age of 41. His favorite part about teaching is seeing the joy and smiles…the bright eyes of students who discover a fresh and new hobby, sport and lifestyle. Renten enjoys longboarding but says “Don’t TIP your longboard…share your Aloha with your hardworking instructor!”



Kihei Instructor/Manager

Joe Has Lived on Maui half his life and worked at Maui Waveriders for over a decade in Instructing and Management.

He has two small kiddos who surf with him every week! He has family stretched out through the States and Canada, visiting Collingwood Ontario the most often 🙂

Office Managers

Joe Hamman



Family Mascot/Shop Dog
Please feel free to request an instructor! If they referred you to us, be sure to mention it when making your reservation. We apologize ahead of time if the instructor of your choice is not available for your lesson. We will do our best to grant your request, however no matter what, we promise you will have a great time. All of our instructors are incredible surfers and even better teachers, Aloha!